It’s Not Over Yet – Fight For Your Marriage

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It’s Not Over Yet

It’s Not Over Yet. Fight For Your Marriage.

Did you know that stress, financial issues, infidelity, addictions, and personal changes are all factors that can lead to divorce?   Yet, despite these challenges, research shows that married couples tend to be happier, healthier and wealthier than their friends who are not married.  It’s not over yet!  What your marriage does NOT need right now is another argument or fight.

Every marriage has its ups and downs – some more than others. Divorce is the means to an end, but at what point do you avoid the divorce proceedings.  Are you willing to do the work?  A marriage takes two people, but it’s important to remember that each person is an individual.  Ask yourself, what are you doing wrong within the relationship and how can you change?  Don’t just talk it out, write down your reasons and go through them one by one.  Then ask yourself, and honestly answer the question, will you benefit from the divorce or marriage – moreover, will you grow as an individual?

Ask yourself: Is there 10 percent of this marriage that’s worth saving?

Here are 5 steps we would suggest you implement immediately:

  1.  Make a list of all the issues you argue or feel hopeless about.
  2. Refocus onto yourself.
  3. Express concerns constructively and make decisions cooperatively.
  4.  Increase the positive energies you give your partner.
  5. Learn skills for a successful marriage

Marriage Coaching is the Solution

If have contemplated divorce, then you should have also visited the option of Marriage Coaching. The thought of telling someone else your secrets of being unhappy is uncomfortable but it’s exactly what every couple essentially needs to get things back on track.   Seeking a Marriage Coach will keep things balanced and provide each of you with a solid plan on what needs to be worked on to save the marriage.

Salvaging a broken marriage is not an easy task, but if both individuals are willing to put forth the effort anything is possible. Fight for your marriage! Keep in mind that a marriage is a joint effort – both parties must be willing to put in the work, otherwise there’s no avoiding divorce.  Hiring a marriage coach is a lifetime investment!

Need to talk with a professional relationship coach? Contact Marriage Means Moore for a FREE Consultation!


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