Being in love is beautiful; it makes you feel like you are floating on cloud nine, it gives you butterflies in your stomach, and makes your heart race like never.  Whether you are married or in a serious relationship that is close to marriage, your life feels complete, and that void does not feel so empty or vacant anymore.

Most relationships start off great. Especially when you are newlyweds, there is so much love, passion, romance, affection, and desire at the start, coupled with that ever-increasing zeal and energy to keep the spark alive. You go the extra mile to make your partner happy, do the little things that bring a smile on their face and want to cherish every moment.

Every year, couples spend thousands of dollars to make themselves look and feel better – gym memberships, skincare regimens, Botox and even laser treatments. Why shouldn’t you invest in your marriage?  It is the most important relationship in your life. Marriage coaching can bring you greater happiness and – even better it can prevent divorce!  Hiring a Marriage Coach is a Good Investment!

Think About This:  The average divorce costs between $15,000 and $20,000. Marriage coaching is far less expensive, and much more valuable which makes it a lifetime investment. Hiring a Coach is a Good Investment! Click here for more information on Couples Coaching

You Did not Go to School for Relationships

We go to school from kindergarten through 12th grade to learn how to read and write and add and subtract. All so we can have a successful career. But where do we get educated on how to have successful relationships? After all, relationships are what life is about, right? A marriage coach will teach you relationships skills you need to help your marriage succeed.
Marriage Skills are Counter-intuitive
Ok so what you have been doing in your marriage is not working. That is because marriage skills are counter intuitive.  If your efforts are not making you happy or bringing your spouse closer to you, you need support. A coach can help you see what needs to change and hold you accountable to making those changes.
Coaching is NOT Counseling
You need someone who has been there to guide you as you repair your marriage. A marriage coach has wisdom from her own life experience as well as her training that will help you figure how to heal your marriage. Where counseling focuses on listening, coaching focuses on taking action to fix the problems.

Marriage in Crisis
If your marriage is stressed, chances are you are experiencing a lot of fear and anxiety. You want to do the right things, but you are not sure what that is. Your relationship seems like a roller coaster – fine one minute, chaotic the next. A coach can show you which behaviors are damaging the relationship and teach you how to bring in more positive behaviors that will set you on the path to healing. Hiring a Coach is a Good Investment! For more information visit our website at Marriage Means Moore or Contact a Marriage Coach at 248.571.7040. 

Coaches help couples move from where they are to where they want to be and recognize that each marriage is different. Coaches will not tell you what to do but will help you figure out what will work best for you as a couple. 

If you feel the need to talk with a professional relationship coach, contact Marriage Means Moore for a FREE Consultation! Let us help save your relationship and rekindle the lost spark in your relationship.

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  1. […] Salvaging a broken marriage is not an easy task, but if both individuals are willing to put forth the effort anything is possible. Fight for your marriage! Keep in mind that a marriage is a joint effort – both parties must be willing to put in the work, otherwise there’s no avoiding divorce.  Hiring a marriage coach is a lifetime investment! […]

    1. As a general rule, we should always do the things we want our husband or wife to do. We should say the things we want them to say. We should give what we want our partner to give. Doing this significantly increases the chance that your spouse will do these things too. Complaining to them about what they’re not doing, only pushes them away and makes things worse.

      You absolutely can save your marriage even if your partner doesn’t want to work on it. This can be such a scary time. One can feel vulnerable, hopeless and panicked. They want things to change in their marriage but aren’t sure how. Unfortunately, Many people believe that their marriages will get better as soon as their partner changes. Waiting for this to happen rarely works. Just one person in the couple changing their priorities, the way they communicate, and how much effort they put into their relationship can dramatically change the dynamic between you.

  2. […] Contacting a Marriage Coach is a great investment we can help!  Having a blended family is not always going to be smooth sailing, but neither is LIFE!  Even in traditional families, spouses argue, kids misbehave and siblings fight.  However, when you understand the potential issues facing blended families, you can better prepare both adults and children for their new roles and how to deal with situations that may arise. That makes it easier for everyone to transition into this new chapter of life, building a strong and healthy new blended family.  Fight for Your Marriage! […]

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