Couples Retreats

October 6-8, 2023

Marriage Means Moore hosts two all-inclusive Destination Couples Retreats annually, spanning 2.5 days with 10 hours of Group Marriage Coaching.

We also offer services to groups planning their trips, providing engaging activities to strengthen relationships. These intense retreats and workshops break routines, encourage self-reflection, and foster connection with other couples.

7-Principles for Making Marriage Work Workshop

Quarterly at different locations

Do you have difficulty communicating and understanding each other? Are you stuck, arguing in circles about the same issues? Or are you in a good relationship and would like to make it even better?

Speaking Engagements

We speak at various events, workshops, and gatherings, sharing insights with diverse audiences, including couples, educators, community leaders, and more. Invite us to speak or participate in discussions for valuable perspectives.

Our presentations focus on transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and healing. Please submit speaking requests at least 30 days in advance for optimal results.

Relationship Tune-Up Workshops

4th Sunday of Every Month

Have you heard the saying, “all you need is love”? We’d argue you also need the tools to nurture and grow that love!

We have good news for you and your partner: you can fix problem areas and build friendship and intimacy at our next Relationship Tune-Up Workshop!


Meet the Coaches