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In just 90 days, you will get to the bottom of what’s holding your relationship back; allowing you both to reset and refresh your relationship.


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We empower you to create a better future with a tailored plan based on your needs, mastering new skills and making lasting changes


Couples Coaching

Improve your relationship with coaching. Overcome challenges, nurture love, and communicate better.

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No Matter How Good Or Bad Things Are, A COACH Can Help!

Our experienced coaches will teach you the relationship tools that no one else has bothered to show you. 


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SIMPLE experience matters. We don’t serve relationships; we create healthy relationships. With over 30 years of marriage under our belts, Marriage Means Moore has the wisdom to guide struggling relationships.

The 2 minute Rule has made a major differnce in our communciating and we are so grateful to Marriage Means Moore. Thank you coaches for being patient with us we will forever be grateful. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Coach Tony & Coach Moore #life-changing

Yolanda & Steven

Married 12 years

The Marriage Means Moore experience is awesome, I would definitely recommend for any couplr or marriage. So thnakful for this ministry. God bless Marriage Means Moore 🙂

Team Reed

Married 11 Years

This unexpected investment has undoubtedly been the best decision I have ever made for my personal growth. I feel exponentially more confident.

Krisla Thomas

Single Mother

The Moores are very inspiring to others and also even me. I highly recommend their services. God bless you all

Tyquanda Colbert

Google Review

We absolutely love the Moores. Their step by step 90 day program is well worth the investment. If you're serious about growing and improving your marriage, then definitely check out Marriage Means Moore. Will change your prospective on everything.

Karin Adjoga-Otu

Google Review

Relationship Resources


Our job is the teach you how to deal with problems and provide mental health resources and tools to use in the future

Summer Romance: Rekindle Your Intimacy

Summer Romance: Rekindle Your Intimacy

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Are You in Love or Codependent

Are You in Love or Codependent

Love Addiction or Codependency: How to Tell? Do you have a love addiction or codependency? We often say things like "true love" and "soul mate" all the time. People often think that you can only be truly happy if you find someone who completes you, and that love is a...