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You call your doctor if you have pain, you call your accountant if you have trouble with your taxes, you call a mechanic when car is broken.  Now you can call a Relationship Coach to get help with your relationship and marriage needs.

90-Day Built Marriage Tough

Our 90-Day Built Marriage Tough Program is a well-crafted program that guides you and your partner through a 4-step process over a 90-day period.

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Pre-Marriage Coaching

PreMarriage coaching is essential for couples entering marriage because it helps set the proper expectations to navigate through this major life change.

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Marriage & Relationship Coaching

When challenges about finances, lack of communication, sex, parenting, and even lack of quality time become a Relationship Coach!

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Individual Life Coaching

Our Individual Life Coaching will help you “Renew YOU, Love Yourself!” In just 3 months, you’ll get to the heart of what’s holding you back, so you can reset your habits and refresh your life.

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Unitl Debt Do Us Part

Our Until Debt Do Us Part financial coaching with real solutions to get your finances in shape, set financial goals and achieve them with both partners invested.

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Speaking Engagements

Is your group planning a workshop, marriage or couples retreat, or conference? Marriage Means Moore is available for hire by groups who plan their own events. Give us a call!

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10 Ways to Fix a Broken Marriage

How to Fix a Broken Marriage in 10 Steps Can a broken marriage really be fixed? “Yes!” is the answer to this question. “You can save your marriage and rebuild your relationship if you’re willing to put in the work. …

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Stop Shutting Down – Communicate!

If you shut down and don’t talk to your partner, it’s the same as giving them the uncomfortable and hurtful “silent treatment.” It means you don’t want to talk to your partner or you shut down during an argument so …

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Summer Fun On a Tight Budget

SUMMER RELATIONSHIP FUN ON A TIGHT BUDGET It’s time for summer relationship fun on a tight budget; if you and your partner are on a tight budget but still want to have fun this summer, let us show you how …

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Want to Improve Your Relationship?

Close the gap between where you are today – and where you want to be. Our coaching will empower you to have the relationship you desire.

$125.00 Virtual Coaching Special


You call your doctor if you have pain, you call your accountant if you have trouble with your taxes; you call a mechanic when car is broken.  Now you can call a Relationship Coach to get help with your relationship and marriage needs.


Get Help Now!  Simply complete the form below for a 90-minute session; only $125.00 (Offer valid for new clients only)


    Yolanda T
    Yolanda TMiami

    The 2-minute Rule has made a major difference in our commucating and we are so grateful to Marriage Means Moore. Thank you coaches for being patient with us we will forever be grateful. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Coach Tony & Coach Moore #life-changing

    Nee Mo
    Nee MoIllinois

    I love this God given couple, they are great listeners and problem solvers they are available day or night. I love you both please keep up this wonderful work of God. Marriage does mean Moore, thank you for helping and saving marriages!! If you want to save their Marriage or relationship, just try them you will not be disappointed!!

    Karin Adjoga-Otu
    Karin Adjoga-OtuNew Jersey

    We absolutely love the Moores. Their step by step 90 day program is well worth the investment. If you're serious about growing and improving your marriage, then definitely check out Marriage Means Moore. Will change your prospective on everything.

    Team Reed
    Team ReedMichigan

    The Marriage Means Moore experience is awesome, I would definitely recommend for any couple or marriage. So thankful for this ministry. God Bless Marriage Means Moore😊