Breakup Survival Tips

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Breakup Survival Tips

Breakup Survival Tips…So, your long-term relationship is over. Now you feel depressed and lonely. It seems like the world has come to an end. It’s just too much to absorb. You can’t think straight or function. All you can do is browse through the pictures of you and your ex in complete isolation, thinking about the good times or binge on ice-cream and cry buckets on why they left you—what went wrong?

Breakups happen. They are natural, but how you cope with your breakup can make a difference between locking yourself in the room for weeks unhappy and resentful and moving on—taking it as a life lesson that helps you become a better version of you. The latter is the best coping mechanism but certainly not easy. You may have to seek individual life coaching.

While you’re weighing your options on what to do next, here’s a good read with some of the best breakup survival tips that we’ve curated for you to help you start the healing process and resume a happy life. Take a look:

Accept the Reality and Give it a Closure

There is no denying that breakups are super messy and painful. As much as you want to make things right and hang on to it, the truth is that it’s over. Therefore, the best way to move on with life is to accept the ground reality and give it a closure.

To do this, you should maintain no contact or interaction with your ex. It means no communication with your ex on Facebook, Whats app, texts, or any other social platform. Wait, this also includes no meet-ups for coffee as friends. Don’t do anything as friends. Cut ties with them to give you space and time to process the situation.

Let it out—Don’t Bottle up

After a breakup, you’re likely to experience a mix of emotions like anger, sadness, frustration, agitation, pain, and misery. So, it is advisable to accept support from whoever you may trust. Let out whatever you’re feeling on the inside. It will help you open up, lean on them and heal as they cheer you up and help look on the positive side.

If you don’t talk about your situation now, you may very well bring the emotional baggage into other parts of your life, including your professional life and your next relationship. Without processing and acknowledging your emotional pain, your pain will linger and won’t go anywhere, therefore, talk it out. It can be with friends or family.

You can also sort through your emotions by writing. So, put pen to paper and journal your thoughts, feelings, dreams, wants and needs. Express everything in writing. It will help you clear some space in your mind and stream consciousness so that you can move forward.

Get Rid of the Reminders

Since your ex is gone and you’re in the process of cleaning them out of your life, you need to get rid of everything that reminds you of them, because it will help you avoid unnecessary pain, while allowing you to rebuild and refocus on your life. So, go ahead, make a box of everything that they gave you or that reminds you of them.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to delete all their messages and pictures from your phone. It will help because you won’t have anything to harp on and think about the time you spent with your ex.

Stay Active—Pick up a Hobby

Among the many breakup survival tips, this one will help you bounce back as it will allow you to focus on becoming happy on your own. You don’t always need somebody to make you happy. Try being happy and hearty on your own!

Instead of shutting out from the world and feeling depressed, date yourself. Spend quality time with yourself so you learn how to stay happy and positive. This is perhaps the perfect example of the saying when life throws lemons at you, make lemonade.

Stay active to avoid depression. Try to build a positive outlook of life by engaging and indulging yourself in fun-filled physical activities, such as exercising or playing any kind of sports or activity, that has been on your mind, but you’ve never had the time to indulge in it. These can include learning a new language, playing guitar or signing up for Tae Kwon Do. Engage in any activity that you love. It will make you feel better, happy, get you busy and more importantly, rebuild your lost confidence in you.

Activities, like working out and exercising, are great, because they will help you get in shape. As a result, you will further boost your confidence and release endorphin—‘feel good’ hormones, which is the ultimate way to kick-off depression from your life and turn the downward curve on your face into a wide smile.

So, follow a consistent exercise routine to make your body healthy and cultivate a positive mindset and mood.

Don’t Jump into a New Relationship

Some people look for a rebound relationship to show their ex that they are doing well without them. Let’s not forget breakup survival is not about your ex, it’s about you. Don’t play with someone else’s emotions just to get back at your ex.

Being in a relationship so fast is not good for you or the new partner. Take it slow. Instead of jumping into a new relationship, enjoy their company. Get to know them better before making a big decision.

Seek Individual Life Coaching

At Marriage Means Moore, Inc. we specialize in an individual life coaching program, which is designed exclusively for both men and women. In this program, a full coaching assessment will be completed, where we identify your problem areas and personal strengths. Then we will provide you with a customized plan on how to deal with your situation in the best way possible. The sessions are conducted on phone or on Skype. For more information contact us today, so we get a chance to help you.


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