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Couples That Exercise Together, Stay Together

Couples That Exercise Together, Stay Together Recent studies that compared people who exercise with non-exercisers concluded that Couples that Exercise Together, Stay Together!  That’s right, couples who workout tend to have more successful relationships while dealing with stressful situations.  Furthermore, among the research participants who exercised, the ones who reported higher satisfaction and contentment with …

Surviving the Pandemic Together

There have been several ups and downs in the past year as we got ourselves accustomed to the new normal of surviving the pandemic together.  It has been more than a year since the pandemic hit us, and unfortunately, it’s still a considerably long time until it leave us all for good. However, if there’s …

A couple with a marriage coach

When and Why to See a Marriage Coach

Everything you have learned to this point in your life someone taught you how to do it. From mounting a bike to learning how to spell or indeed drive – it was learned from instruction. However, when it comes to intimate relationships who prepared for them?  Who taught you how to communicate, solve conflicts, or …