Financial Coaching for Couples

Financial Coaching for Couples

Money is a common source of conflict in relationships. Therefore, we often avoid those difficult conversations and allow our problems to linger.  In Financial Coaching for Couples, we facilitate the conversations between you and your partner so you can understand each other’s financial histories and values. Using proven coaching techniques, we help you negotiate and resolve financial differences, create a workable budget, long-term financial planning, and develop an emergency fund.

Coaching for Couples

Money continues to be one of the main causes of discord and divorce so Financial Coaching for Couples is a great investment in your relationship or marriage!  Financial Coaching for Couples is conducted similarly to our individual coaching program, but works together to create understanding, awareness and compassion between the couple over the course of a minimum of six sessions.

Letting your finances get away from you can cause problems in your relationship that stretch far into the future.

Money dynamics begin to develop in couples based upon their individual relationships with money. Both people in a relationship have beliefs and patterns that collectively create the issues and relationship that couples have with money. In some cases, money issues create fear, tension, and conflict, especially when a couple has not made clear agreements around money in the beginning of their relationship. This coaching process creates an understanding of the patterns that emerge between couples around money and teaches couples how to compassionately communicate in a healthy,constructive ways regarding money.

Budget & Credit Coaching

Having a  plan and understanding money and where you want to be in terms of financial security is the goal of our services.  We are experts at building budgets and getting couples on track with their finances.  Schedule a FREE Consultation Today!

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