Financial Coaching for Couples

It’s all about the money. The problem must be resolved as soon as possible!

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Conflict in relationships is often caused by money. As a result, we tend to put off dealing with our problems until later. In Financial Coaching for Couples, we help you and your partner talk about money so that you can better understand one another’s values and financial histories. Through the use of tried and true coaching methods, we can assist you in resolving financial issues, developing an effective budget, long-term financial planning, and a contingency fund.

Coaching for Couples

Because money is still a major source of conflict and divorce, investing in Financial Coaching for Couples is a wise move. In a series of six sessions, our Financial Coaching for Couples program follows the same format as our individual coaching program but focuses on building mutual understanding, awareness, and compassion within the couple.

Letting your finances get away from you can cause problems in your relationship that stretch far into the future.

A couple’s money dynamics begin to develop based on their own personal money relationships. In a relationship, the issues and dynamics surrounding money are a result of shared values and habits held by both partners in the union. A lack of clarity around money in the beginning of a relationship can lead to fear, tension, and conflict in some cases. Through the coaching process, couples learn how to compassionately communicate in a healthy, constructive manner about money in order to better understand the patterns that emerge between them and their partners.

Budget & Credit Coaching

Our services are geared toward helping you develop a financial strategy, gain a better grasp of money, and determine your ultimate financial goals. We have a proven track record of helping couples get their finances in order.

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