Making Financial Decisions Together

There is nothing that can’t be resolved once you sit down and talk about your plans, goals, and how you can reach them together.  Establishing a budget as a couple will help you ensure your household expenses are covered and that there is enough money for other living necessities.   Learn more at

Make a point in your marriage to hear each other out without making rude comments or interrupting. When it comes time to decide, agree that without unity, you won’t move forward.

MONEY and Your Relationship

Unity isn’t just a romantic notion. It’s an important reality, having an impact on every area of life, including finances. Money can’t be his money or her money. It must be our money… and all things are shared, including debt.

Prospering as a team begins with putting all skills, assets and liabilities together to plan for two people to become more together than they were as individuals.

We suggest that couples avoid having separate financial anything, including checking accounts, because when they develop a his-money versus her-money philosophy, it usually leads to fights and division.  It’s dangerous to a relationship when couples are not working together in choosing how to spend or invest assets.

Consider this: If you don’t trust your spouse with money, do you really trust him or her at all? Unwillingness to join all assets and bank accounts after marriage is perhaps a danger signal that unresolved trust issues could still be lingering — or developing — in the relationship.

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