Mistakes CAN Destroy Your Marriage!

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Mistakes CAN Destroy Your Marriage

Mistakes CAN Destroy Your Marriage!

We know several happily married couples, but we have yet to meet the perfect couple.  That’s because perfect couples don’t exist. Even the happiest couples have stuff to deal with.  You are one half of your marriage, and if you fail to take care of yourself that is fifty percent of your marriage already.  This leaves your spouse the difficult job of taking on a hundred percent of the responsibility for your marriages success. 100%  is likely to be too much for them, or for any person.

While mistakes can be a constructive factor, offering the experience of learning and the chance of improvement, some lack this attribute and can cause irreparable damage.

While it’s generally understood that cheating is the big NO-NO of any marriage, there are other mistakes–some overlooked most of the time–which can also lead to broken hearts and dreams.


Remember that obesity and other serious health problems affect you, but they also affect your spouse.  Your partner is the one who will take care of you when sick or with major health complications.  Emotional health means finding appropriate ways to feel and express your emotions, particularly toxic feelings like anger or jealousy.

If you have cheated, or been cheated on by your spouse, that doesnt automatically end your relationship.  Talking through your problems is important, but those conversations should mainly happen with your spouse or with a professional trained to help.  We suggest that you not talk to your friends about your marriage.  Sharing too much often will rarely improves things.  As a result this can potentially make it harder for you to repair what’s wrong with your union.

Here are five of the most common slips that can turn into critical mistakes:

  • Misunderstanding Intimacy
  • Comparing your Partner to Others
  • Not Sharing Household Chores
  • The Blame Game
  • Being closed to new experiences instead of open to new things

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