7 Ways to Keep Him or Her Interested

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7 Ways to Keep Him or Her Interested

There’s no denying the fact that relationships can be really tough!  From petty fights and arguments over money, family, children and even intimacy, you are bound to experience problems.  Among the hundreds of problems that can occur in a relationship, one common problem we hear from a lot of our clients is the loss of interest in him or her over time.  Just like you, your partner may get bored or become disinterested, and that initial ‘magic’ of the relationship may fade away with time.

You see, relationships require a lot of attention, patience, time, and it’s often really hard to cultivate real love and keep it alive. While the love might be there and your relationship might be going really well, too, you can feel the enthusiasm and the spark dwindling over time.

There are many ways you can rev up his or her interest and put in a little more effort to keep things magical and exciting. From spicing things up in the bedroom to surprising your partner with little love notes on the bathroom mirror, there are many ways to keep him or her interested.

If you feel that your partner has lost interest in you lately, here are 7 Ways to Keep Him or Her Interested, so you can rekindle the charm of your relationship.

1.  Be Present – Not Just Physically

In today’s society it is easier to text and call someone than engage in face-to-face communication even when two people happen to be in the same room. While you might think that being in the same room as your partner and being physically present is enough, it actually is not.

Thanks to technology, most couples are often buried in their phones and other electronic devices. Imagine being with your partner in the same room, but not engaging in any conversation because the two of you are busy on your phones or laptops. So, you are physically present, but not really present.

It is very important to make an extra effort to be present and be there in order to keep him or her interested. Put away your electronic gadgets and talk to each other about literally anything. You could talk about work, future plans, the current situation of the world, or anything at all.

Being present also requires you to actively listen to your partner when they are talking to you. Nobody likes divided attention, and if you choose to use your phone or do something else while he or she is talking to you, they are likely to lose interest over time.  Relationships demand a lot of attention, and it’s the little things like this that can push them to the wayside.

2.  Find Out His or Her Likes and Interests

You know what’s a really simple yet amazingly effective way to get your partner interested and connect with them on a whole other level?Talking about the things that they like!

It’s always a good idea to know what they like and things that they are interested in because it gives them an opportunity to really talk and share things with you.  Most importantly, it will let your partner know that you care, you like listening to them and that you want to know more about what matters to them.

For instance, if she loves animals and dreams of having a furry little pet, you could talk about different animals, know her preferences for a pet, or even take her to a pet store! On the other hand, if he loves sports and is an avid football fan, you could watch his favorite teams with him, get him a jersey of the team that he supports or learn all about football and surprise him!

Try to find out all of each others likes and interests so that every time the two of you sit down together to eat or just laze away, you have a new topic to talk about.

3.  Cook and Eat Together

You might really look forward to those weekend dinner dates with your partner, but how about you do things a little differently to keep him or her interested?

Plan a cooking date with your partner, which is a great way not only to show off your culinary skills but also to be super creative and have a great amount of fun and laughter. There’s no denying the fact that food is that one thing which brings people together, so why not use it for your own benefit?

If your partner is a true foodie at heart, it will bring them great pleasure and also keep them interested because not only you cooked their favorite foods for them, but also that you took time out for them.

If you want to have fun and make it all the more enjoyable, cook together where both of you can divide all the cooking-related tasks. Or better yet, you can cook each other’s favorite dishes and see who does the best job!

Try to make this a weekly thing and alternate between cooking at home and dining out at a restaurant.  It will surely help keep the excitement alive, and the chances are that your partner will start looking forward to those cooking dates too.

4.  Do the ‘Little Things’ to Surprise Your Partner

Many people believe that fancy dinners or lunches and expensive gifts are necessary to keep relationships alive; however, it doesn’t always have to be those things. Getting an expensive gift on his or her birthday makes sense, but at other times, it’s the little things that can melt your partner’s heart.

It’s the little things that add an element of surprise and delight, and they actually help keep them interested in you, as well as in the relationship.  When was the last time you tucked a little love note inside his wallet without him looking? Or when was the last time you brought her breakfast in bed and took her by surprise?

You might not realize it at first, but these cute little sentimental gestures matter a lot, and they go a long way to establish a deep connection between you and your special someone.  Often times, your gestures and actions say a lot more than actual words ever will, regardless of whatever you are trying to convey to your partner.

More than that, he or she will never know what to expect, and the thought of finding a love note in their pocket, waking up to delicious food, or a romantic sexy message will always keep them excited and interested.

5.  Be Creative and Experimental in Bed

A surefire way to keep your partner interested is to spice up things in bed by being creative and experimental. Intimacy and closeness in marriage are very important, especially when it comes to your bedroom life because the sexual component plays such a huge role in keeping things exciting, engaging, and interesting. Even if you aren’t married yet, it is very important.

From trying new attires to experimenting with different positions in bed, there’s so much to explore with and numerous ways to get creative.

Take the lead sometimes and initiate things in order to tempt your partner and perk their interest. It would be a great plus to notice the things that he or she particularly enjoys in bed and then focusing on those to satisfy their sexual needs and desires.

The human body is simply amazing with such a vast potential for pleasure, which simply suggests that your little experimentations in bed can last you a lifetime. So, try new things, surprise your partner every now and then, and keep the magic alive.

However, physical intimacy isn’t just limited to your adventures in bed; it extends to all other forms and gestures such as hugging, kissing, cuddling, and simply just holding hands. It is essential to keep the physical intimacy alive because oftentimes, your partner might simply be craving human touch after a long day at work, for instance, and if you fail to realize that, they are likely to lose interest with time.

6.  Make Spontaneous Weekend Plans

In today’s time and age, people are always so busy and worked up over things that they barely get time to relax and just enjoy some me-time. Couples often find it hard to spend time with each other due to so many reasons, such as work commitments, looking after kids, urgent deadlines, and so on.

There eventually comes the point in time where they begin to lose interest in each other and in the relationship because there’s nothing exciting to look forward to.  However, you can take things in your hand and keep your partner interested by being spontaneous and planning a fun, impromptu weekend plan! It could be a mini weekend getaway to his or her favorite destination or an overnight trip to the beach, for example.

You could even plan a whole fun-filled day where you visit your partner’s favorite places and do their preferred activities all day long. This can include going to their go-to restaurant, the library if they like to read, the park for a walk, watch the sunset from the rooftop, go swimming, spend a few hours at a gaming zone, have dinner at a cafe they like and call it a day with a glass of wine at home.

The sky is your limit here and there’s so much you can do to your weekends exciting and spend quality time other. Remember one thing here that it doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or too fancy. Simply make a list of things that they enjoy and prefer doing on the weekend and then plan out the weekend accordingly.

7.  Feel Your Best – Look Your Best

As cliche as this might sound, it is very important for couples to look their best and also feel their best at all times to keep the spark of the relationship running. You know how they say, “dress to impress”?

Well, these three words play a very important role in relationships because if you stop looking and feeling good, it is possible for him or her to lose interest in you. From applying some color to your face to wearing your best formal suit to a dinner date, there are many ways through which husbands and wives or girlfriends and boyfriends can attract each other by their looks and appearance.

Physical attraction is often more important than you think. If you partner loves a particular color, you could wear more of that color, for instance. If he likes you in a little makeup, throw on some lipstick and blush on your face.  And if she loves you in tees and sweats, make sure to wear that when she’s around.

Doing this won’t only keep your partner interested, but it will let them know that their likes and dislikes matter to you. After all, spending a little extra time to look spectacular for your partner is worth all the efforts!

Give it Time and Be Patient

All relationships need time to grow, become better, and evolve to the next level.  Sometimes, all you can do at the end of the day is take the ups with the downs and be patient.  If you feel like your partner does not seem as interested and excited as before, and you don’t know what to do to bring that all back, we can help you with that.

If you feel the need to talk with a professional relationship coach, contact Marriage Means Moore for a FREE Consultation! Let us help save your relationship and rekindle the lost spark in your relationship.

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