Tasha Patrice
Tasha PatriceInstagram

"I pray God keeps strengthening your ministry as you keep your ears to His lips! Great job and thank you for allowing yourselves to be used!"

J Randall
J RandallMarried 7 years

They all said we were too young, but Marriage Means Moore your 4-step solution is truly amazing and thanks to you we can see the light.

Michael & Deanna
Michael & DeannaMarried 6 years

Coach Moore, You helped us focus and find clarity in the things that matter in our marriage. For that, we are forever grateful. Things are a lot brighter now then they have ever been.

ELJ_65Instagram Comment

Marriage Means Moore, you guys are DEFINITELY making a difference. Couples are truly looking for real and positive voices to help them negotiate marriage more successfully! You guys are on the cutting edge because your posts ROUTINELY give people a more actionable way to have the Word work in their marriages. We “hear” AND “see” you..