Notes of Love – Fill In The Blanks Book


6×9 inches in size makes it easy to tuck away as a surprise for them to find or as a creative and personal substitute for a greeting card.

Each page is different than the other, making each Love Note as special as your feelings for them.

  • Create Special Moments
  • Great Gift
  • Paperback


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WRITE YOUR OWN LOVE NOTES in this keepsake book!

Notes of Love – Fill In The Blanks Book!  Imagine creating a magic moment for that special person in your life that will last a lifetime.  Or, imagine receiving a book filled with how your partner really feels about you!  Well our fill in the blanks “Notes of Love” book is designed to show your partner just how much you LOVE them – Inspired by US.
Includes 56 beautiful pages, each one different than the other. Each page has a guided prompt to help you use your own words to tell how you feel. Include exactly what you want your partner to hear.  Romantic and fun, “NOTES OF LOVE” is the perfect and unique way to tell them just what they mean to you.
Sign it, date it, and document every single thought as it will become a keepsake that you both can refer to in the years ahead.  Also includes a special new Love Contract at the end for you to renew your love for each other.
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