How Communicating Saved Our Marriage


It is all about investing in your marriage!  The lessons we have learned, the challenges we have faced could have easily been avoided if only someone took the time to teach us the importance of communicating in marriage.  So, we are sharing with you “How Communicating Saved Our Marriage”


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Edition Second Edition
Publisher Marriage Means Moore, Inc.
Published September 2, 2019
Language English
Pages 82
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How Communicating Saved Our Marriage – Let’s Talk About It!

Today, we can assure you that it is not surprising that when two people get married, they find it easier to tell their spouses what they do not like about them; than what they do like.  We have included some of our personal experiences as husband and wife; our professional experiences as marriage coaches, that have taught us valuable life lessons. Anything in life takes effort and we are not saying that it is easy.

However, if you really care about saving your relationship or marriage, then do your work; what do you have to lose? These communication tools in action opened the lines of communication and helped us both to grow individually and together. This is how communicating saved our marriage.  Available for purchase at LuLu click link and enjoy!

How Communicating Saved Our Marriage

We dug deep and put our wisdom, hearts and souls into this book. Our hopes is that couples can use these tools and tips and really enjoy the person they fell in love with. Yes, it is a little hard work, but what in life isn’t? Once you remove the selfishness, the need to be right, and of course the EGO…your true journey can begin.  “There was a few seasons in our 26 years where we stayed together – simply because we were being obedient” We both thank God we didn’t give up!  Our Marriage CreedSupport independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


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