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Hi, We’re Coach Tony & Coach Moore, Marriage & Relationship Coaches. 

We take pleasure in assisting couples and are committed to providing them with tools that no one else has shared with them. We are Coaches and Mentors who assist couples in resolving real-world issues and achieving tangible results.  We love helping couples and we are passionate about providing couples with the tools no one else bothered to share with them.  We are Coaches and Mentors who work with couples on real problems to achieve real results.

Our Goal for You is simple…
To help your marriage reach its full potential and strengthen your relationship.

At Marriage Means Moore, we have developed a proven 4-step approach to get things back on track.  We don’t follow a “one-size fits all” approach. We believe that you and your relationship are unique, and that your marriage coaching should be too.  We coach couples on how to identify problems, how to value their relationships and how to invest in them daily to become Built Marriage Tough.

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Our Goal for Couples

To help your marriage reach its full potential and strengthen your relationship.

Marriage coaching provides an unconditional space to flush out the obstacles that can arise when dealing with “real life stuff” such as money, careers, children, sex, or in-laws. Marriage Means Moore can provide you with opportunities to grow together rather than individually.

We love when couples have their “ah-ha” moments – that is what makes us proud to be experienced marriage coaches and mentors.  You can save your marriage without counseling!  By using proven techniques and sharing our own personal secrets we help couples get real results for real problems.

Mission – Vision

Our mission & vision is simple; we help couples develop a love map for their relationships.  When day-to-day living becomes routine or difficult, we prepare couples with proven tools to save their marriage or relationships.  

Vision –  To help couples go right and keep straight for longevity in their relationships.

What’s Different?

We have revolutionized the way couples typically seek help through marriage counseling.  Couples no longer get a one-sided perspective from someone of the opposite sex.  With over 28 years of experience at Marriage Means Moore couples meet with an experienced husband and wife team for virtual, confidential coaching sessions from the privacy of their own home!

Our Core Values


  • The couples we serve.

  • Integrity with every couple we serve.

  • The highest of quality of professionalism to those we serve.

  • Relationships and marriage!!

Hiring a Coach is a Good Investment!

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