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Whether you are in a fresh relationship, or been together for years, we have some great gift ideas for couples.  Browse through our selections for gifting inspiration, and grab something for yourself too.

Our Amazon couples shop has gifts which are fun, unique and surprising.  Hey, if they ask how you ever came up with these clever ideas, we’ll let you take all the credit.  We have cutting-edge gifts handpicked and put into lists for your convenience.  We have couples gifts with steep discounts only available at the Amazon Couples Shop | Inspired by US!


Also check out our NEW fragrance line  Inspired by US  That’s right!  We are so happy to share with you our his or her fragrances.  Inspired by our love for over 26 years we have combined our favorite scents, passions and guilty pleasures into natural products made for men or women.

Unisex Collection

Whether you are traveling to a destination you’ve never visited, on a romantic date, or just relaxing at home and watching a movie, you are happiest when you are together.  No need to worry about who has the lotion or fragrances you enjoy, we have you covered.  Pinky Swear  is our NEW unisex product line Inspired by US.

The next time you are in the market for a new scent, try one that your partner can also grab for you, so you’ll never have to worry about clashing again. Captivate the one you love with this unisex fragrance. We’ve rounded up our scents that are so good, you could end up not wanting to share.

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